Dr. Katie Elmhurst

My Philosophy

Following a lifetime journey of uniquely diverse experiences which have allowed me to work with various groups and populations, my passion for counselling people from all walks of life has been seen to blossom and grow. I believe all time spent with my clients is valuable and I work collaboratively to help safely strengthen, overcome, and develop. It will be through the careful adapting of varied skills-based techniques and therapies such as narrative therapy, solutions-focused therapy, and mindfulness therapy that we will begin to address any clinical issues and concerns. To my core, I believe that as individuals we each have within the ability to channel unique personal strengths and resiliencies to overcome life’s hardships and challenges. Altogether my practice foundation continues to be built solidly on the strengths-based approach that has been shown to foster client resilience and self-determination. It will be in this partnership that my clients and I will innovatively create a safe space to continue a journey of self-exploration and healing.

About Me

My desire to pursue clinical counselling quickly grew during my time working in an inner-city school in the South Bronx, New York City. Working as a school-based counsellor with a boisterous group of youth, I came to see the power of collaborative practice in helping support client change. It was in seeing a group of young people come together in a high-risk crime environment that I knew I wanted to spend my life partnering with individuals from all walks of life to find their voice, achieve goals, and identify personal strengths.

I received my Bachelor of Social Work in 2010 from McGill University in Montreal, as well as my Masters of Science in Clinical Social Work in 2011 from Columbia University in New York. Following my Masters, I made the move to Kelowna, BC for two years where I worked to provide clinical counseling services for children and youth in care. I then went on to complete my Doctorate of Clinical Social Work practice with a specialization in trauma from Tulane University located in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2015. I completed my Doctorate of Social Work from Tulane University in February 2018.

My professional doctorate work within the Tulane Traumatology Institute consisted of clinical research and professorship alongside world renowned traumatologist, Dr. Charles Figley, co-founder of the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, as well as author of the Encyclopedia of Trauma. While located in New Orleans, much of my work was spent in providing post-Hurricane Katrina relief efforts through post-disaster mental health clinical research through the Tulane University Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy. It was during this time that I studied individual and community post-traumatic resilience and growth.  In my work through Tulane University, I provided goal-directed counselling with undergraduate students through the Academic Center, working together to address student mental health issues and concerns. All of these experiences have continued to propel me in my own professional journey, in which my passion for clinical therapy continues to grow.

Born and raised as a small town gal in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, I find myself thrilled with the opportunity to join Charlotte King-Harris at Charlotte King-Harris Counselling. New to Victoria, I am looking forward to embracing the warm weather, beautiful beaches, and island nature. I consider myself a social butterfly who loves losing herself in sporadic happy moments demonstrated through laughter and dance.

Professional Affiliations

I am a member in good standing with the following professional organizations

  • BC Association of Social Workers
  • BC College of Social Workers - Registered Clinical Social Worker
  • BC Association of Clinical Counsellors - Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • International Society for Traumatic Stress
  • Council for Social Work Education
  • Society for Social Work Research
  • United Nations NGO Committee on Mental Health

To contact Dr. Katie Elmhurst directly:

Phone - 250-208-6949
Email - kelm@charlottekingharriscounselling.com